Itinerário do Sal
electro-acoustic opera

Itinerário do Sal is an alliance of creativity, technology and innovation of performance art, bringing together tradition, contemporaneity, drama, music and visual arts.

Itinerário do Sal is the realization of a creative work about writing: about musical writing, poetic writing, the gestural writing of the musician/actor and of his/her own image, where the voice is an extension of the body and of the thoughts of the poet. It is, therefore, the symbiosis between the essence of the word and the evolution of the Self, presented in the form of a new dramaturgy, namely Electro-Acoustic Opera.

The first part approaches the question of the absence of the author as his/her creative personality unfolds and shifts the scene itself.

The second part is dominated by investigation of the gesture of the writing interpreted as instrumental and therefore musical gesture.

The third part gives incorporates the word and gives it an image. The score of the poem composes the tempo. The creation takes responsibility for the creator and the question of madness returns…of its limits, of the blindness caused by an excess of lucidity, by the excess of Seeing.

On stage, the composer and the poet, together, as one, bring us through their interior world, their personal itinerary that is called Sal (Salt) – the same Sal that represents its resistance, its ambition, its essence and its multiplicity. The Sal (fundamental substance) that also comes to us as a manifestation of knowledge and of flavour; the itinerary that is certainly of the creator, but that is simultaneously the image and also the image of various other itineraries, paths, changes, inspirations and demands…