To all who submitted an article for publication in the book “A Tecnologia na Criação Musical” promoted by the EAW platform. Due to a technical error in our servers, we ask you to submit once again the articles for analysis by the scientific committee.
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Book publication in 2016, titled Technology in Music Creation + info

EAW2015: technology as a tool for creating music: proceedings - available in ria or download pdf




The 1st International Congress for Electroacoustic Music – Electroacoustic Winds 2015 in Aveiro, organised by the Research Centre for Electro-Acoustic Music (CIME) and the Institute for Ethnomusicology – Research Centre for Music and Dance (INET-md) at the University of Aveiro. The Congress will take place between the 17th and 20th of September 2015, at the Centro Cultural e de Congressos in Aveiro, with the presence of the following composers: